In an effort to clear the shelter, the City of Wichita Falls Animal Services may have inadvertently launched a modeling career.

It all started innocently enough when Animal Services took to Facebook to share a picture of employee Zackry Majewski with their “resident Husky” Sky, who is up for adoption. However, things quickly went sideways in the comments section.

After taking a look at only a handful of the more than 8,000 comments, I would recommend that Zac lay low for a while, unless he wants to get jumped by a bunch of thirsty cougars. In that case, Godspeed young man – it’s gonna be a hell of a ride.

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Most of the comments are relatively tame with 99% of the ladies offering to adopt Zac. Some, however, are a little more on the risqué side like the one who asked, “Is Sky good with cats? And is Zac good with kitties?” Well, if he’s not, he’s gonna be, because it sounds like he’s about to get quite a bit of practice.

And then there’s the one who asked if he comes with breeding rights. I actually admire that one. Why beat around the bush when you can get right to the point?

All kidding aside, I think Animal Services has just figured out how to clear the shelter. There isn’t gonna be one single solitary pet left in there come Monday morning.

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