Dirrty, southern, and rock are 3 of the best descriptors for this foursome with roots spreading across the US from North Carolina.  The melodic rock singing of Matt Anderson meshes well with the guitar riffs of Justin Biltonen and bassist Jordan Luff; all topped off by the steady beat slamming of drummer Springs Wade. Justin called into the Buzz studio and gave us mucho importanto informationo (i'm pretty sure that's spanish) on the beginnings, the current activity and the future plans of the The Campaign 1984.  Having released their latest album, a compilation of recording sessions, thus the name "Sessions," The Campaign 1984 proves they know how to rock like "Southern Gentlemen" (2008 self-release, check that album out too!).

The Campaign 1984 first showcased "Queen of the Damned,' a song about a temptress who takes down 3 iconic music legends (I'll leave it to you to figure out who they are by listening) and closed out the show with "Werewolves" (Suck it 'Twighlight,'  Werewolves are just cooler), leaving Texhoma listeners and this DJ wanting more.  The band has worked with and been produced by both Chris Henderson (guitarist of 3 Doors Down) and Roger Alan Nichols (Paramore's "All We Know is Falling), each giving the band extra umph in their sound and more guidance in their already supersonic musical direction.  The band is energy fueled and made to just listen to as you "roll down the windows and crank it" as Justin Biltonen said during his interview with me on Homebrew.  The band gains it's strength from their fans who show up to their countless live performances, which are starting up again soon beginning in North Carolina.  Now just throwdown Wichita Falls, Texas on that tour list and we're in good shape!

With a refreshing unique sound and plenty of non-cookie cutter songs to listen to, The Campaign 1984 may cause you to forget about the speed limit as you cruise down the road to the dirrty southern rock provided by these four southern gentlemen...so beware.. the mo-jocks of Wichita Falls hide like ninjas with radar in hand.  And if you do get pulled over, let them have a listen to The Campaign 1984 and maybe they'll let you go with a warning.

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