I love seeing the youth gone wild keeping the metal scene alive. All 6 members of Plan for a Nightmare make the haul and join me in the studio this week on HomeBrew.

Organized Chaos hits you right out of the gate when these boys take the stage. From the small east Texas town of Quinlan, Plan for a Nightmare are the total opposite of small town folk. PFAN is making their mark in the metal scene and kicking ass all the way.

Along with the usual, we chat a bit on how it's generally tougher trying to make it in the metal scene, as apposed to a more widely accepted genre, while staying diverse from the rest of the heard at the same time. Also, how crucial it is to keep a tough guard in metal pits.....and somehow Kenny Rogers got thrown in the mix.

Go ahead, Getcha Pull on the Nightmare sessions below. You can also check out the first 2 singles from their EP, "Rebirth" and "Cataclysm".

PFAN Pt. 1





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Next Week on HomeBrew: The Minor Prophets stop by and talk about their upcoming show with Burn Halo \m/