It doesn't get any better than a good ol' monster truck show! Large trucks with big ass engines, and the capability of crushing your house, running full blast in a tin box. The awe factor at a Monster Jam Rally is unlike any you have ever experienced before and We're spicing up the Jams pit party a bit this year with some good rock music choosen by you. This is where you come in.....


March 2nd & 3rd at the Kay Yeager Coliseum, the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam will be making a stop here in the Falls. 3 different shows for all to enjoy. You can get box office prices, info for the event, and all you will need at the KYC site.

Now that's out of the way, down to business. Along with the entertainment, they're also bringing us a party! Their pit party, going down this Saturday, starting at 11, its gonna feature all of the trucks, as well as drivers, and even one of our very own local acts for some tunes.

If you haven't heard, There's  a Battle Of The Bands contest going down HomeBrew style as we speak. 9 bands duking it out in a fight to the finish for a spot on the Pit Party stage. We need your help! Hit up, and sign up to become a V.I.P member, which opens up a whole new world of free swag and some really cool prizes! Sign in to your account, and cast your vote for who you would like to see rock out the Monster Jam stage! Hell, we'll even give ya 500 v.i.p points just for voting.

If your with the program, and are already a V.I.P member, then click it and cast your vote. Polls will be open till Friday morning and we will announce the winner that afternoon. Hope to see you at the Jam this weekend, but if you can't make it then there going to have the trucks and drivers at the Advance Auto Parts store on Old Jacksboro Hwy here in Wichita Falls for most of the morning on Thursday.

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