Wise men say, laughter is the best medicine. If that proves to be true, enough time around the guys from Louis Lewis and we will all live forever. Join us for one hell of an interview and some things you can't unhear. Oh, and some good ol' fashioned rock-n-roll too!  Enter at your own risk....


Bringin' the noise from right here in the Falls, Louis Lewis puts "rock-n-roll" back on the radar. John, Paul, Mark, and Ryan stop by and chat with me. They are my kind of guys, laid back and laughs every second! Fueled by booze and nicotine, we discuss their EP, partying, religion, party liquor, and their upcoming show with Jonathan Tyler and The Northern Lights Feb. 24th at the Iron Horse Pub.





These guys almost live the cliche rockstar life, play badass music, drink booze habitually,and of course, you can't forget the groupies.  Only thing getting in the way is that whole responsibility act. The 9-5 grind. They don't let it slow em down! Join us below for a nice evening chat with Louis Lewis and enjoy "Rollin' With Whiskey" and "All The Way".





The Louis Lewis Sessions

"Rollin' With Whiskey"

"All The Way"


As always, thanks to the lovely and talented j-wood photography for the awesome photos. I'm always hunting for new acts, if ya got what it takes and want your time in the limelight, hit up the application page.


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