Need something to watch next week? Check out the History Channel because you may recognize someone from our area.

Who doesn't love a good competition show? Maybe you're not into dancing or singing. Maybe, you like weapons. Bladed weapons to be exact. Knives, swords, maybe axes. Then does History Channel have the show for you. 'Forged in Fire' is a competition show where four bladesmiths compete to make the best weapon.

I'm sure you have heard about it by now, since the show has been on since 2015 and currently has 141 episodes. What you may not have heard yet is someone from our area will be on two episodes very soon. Chad Kennedy from Archer County will be on the show August 12th and 19th. He has a shop just off FM 1954 that he works his craft at.

Clay has been making knives for locals in Texoma for years and it actually caught the attention of the 'Forged in Fire' producers. Clay told KFDX, that one day his wife told him he was getting an Instagram message from someone that works for the show. Clay will be competing in a three-round elimination contest to forge bladed weapons. If he wins, he will receive $10,000 and the day's championship title.

Clay already knows the outcome, but isn't allowed to talk about it. We will have to wait and see how it goes. His episodes will premiere on August 12th and 19th at 8 PM.

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