If you're a big fan of the show and have a big collection. This is your chance to shine.

I swear sometimes on 'American Pickers', those exact same houses could be on the show 'Hoarders'. History Channel's 'American Pickers' travel across the country trying to find gold, in a junk pile. Anything the guys can make a profit on, they will buy. Turns out the guys will be returning to Texas to film and they're looking for places to go in November.

Sorry, the guys can't visit any stores. Only private collections will be allowed. Send your name, phone number, location and description of the collection with photos to americanpickers@cineflix.com or call 855-OLD-RUST. The producers said they will be following all guidelines and protocols for safe filming as outlined by the state and CDC.

So if anyone in our area has a massive collection and they wouldn't mind selling some stuff, hit them up. By the way, I hate on this show people that don't want to sell. Don't be that person that just wants to show off. If you have something of value and you're wanting to move on from it. This is your chance and you could be on television.

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