We all scream for ice cream, but we really scream for free ice cream.

So today is the first day of spring (March 20). The weather is fine, but it doesn't really feel like spring with all these clouds in the sky today. Doesn't really matter what the weather is, for the first day of spring Dairy Queen is hooking you up with a free small ice cream cone. One per customer while supplies last.

I took the liberty of calling the five closest Dairy Queens to Wichita Falls and all five are taking part in it. I will put their addresses below and you can go to the one closest to you. If you want to see if your Dairy Queen outside of these five is a part of this promotion. Just call your store with the Dairy Queen locator.

Texoma Dairy Queens Giving Away Free Small Cones Today

3112 Kemp Blvd

Wichita Falls, TX 76308

Hwy 82 & 277 W

Holliday, TX 76366

934 S Center St

Archer City, TX 76351

927 E Omega St

Henrietta, TX 76365

1419 W Main St

Olney, TX 76374

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