The man who was shot saw her for the first time this week since the shooting.

You may remember around Easter last year seeing a video going around Facebook. It was a live video of three people parked in an SUV outside of the gas station. The woman in the video, Cassandra Damper, was holding a handgun. The gun was fired striking Devyn Holmes in the head. Cassandra and the other guy in the car ran out of the car after Devyn was shot.

Miraculously, the shot to the head did not kill Devyn. Devyn says he's unable to walk, dress or use the restroom alone due to the shooting. Damper did call 911, but told dispatchers that Devyn had shot himself. Since the shooting went out live on Facebook, everyone knew that was not true.

Cassandra Damper has plead guilty to aggravated assault with reckless serious bodily injury and tampering with evidence. She is facing a minimum of probation, or the maximum sentencing of twenty years in prison. The sentencing is continuing today over in Houston.

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