This is just an all around creepy story.

I'm always skeptical of sharing a story like this because this could be 100% fake. However, it was too funny not to share. This allegedly happened in Houston, Texas this past Monday. Becky Courington went to her post office to mail out her Holiday cards. She obviously was carrying several envelopes for her friends and family. While walking into the post office, she claims a man jumped out of the bushes.

“All of a sudden, I heard a voice screaming, ‘How much did they pay you?’” she said. “I ignored it because I didn’t think it had anything to do with me. Then it came again, louder, and I turned around.” She had no idea what was going on and the man was questioning all of the envelopes in her hands.

She said he was claiming she was going to 'screw up the elections'. She ran back to her car and called the cops. Houston police did send a patrol car out to the post office, but could not find anybody matching Courington's description in the area.

“He seemed to think I was tampering with ballots and he was going to stop me,” Courington said. “I guess he thought I was an agent to f*** with the election by mailing things. The whole situation was genuinely bizarre and pretty nerve wracking. Apparently going anywhere associated with voting is now a safety issue.”

If this story is fake, whoever made it up did make me chuckle today. All I can imagine now is a guy just stalking the post office waiting for someone with a ton of envelopes to walk in. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING AT THE POST OFFICE WITH ALL THAT MAIL?"

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