We're not talking about exotic fish or small pets, no, she let animals that could actually kill you roam free around her house.

Trisha Meyer was arrested this morning. Houston police had been doing a month long investigation at her residence. Police were shocked as to what they found living in the house. Police said three tigers, a skunk, a fox as well as several monkeys were found. Definitely a strange group living with Trisha and her fourteen-year-old daughter.

The investigation began after Trisha sold a man in California a kitten for three thousand dollars, but never gave the kitten to the man. Police were shocked to find out Trisha actually had permits for the tigers, but not for the skunk or fox. Trisha fled her Houston home with her animals and got them all to Las Vegas.

She was finally found and arrested in Nye County, Nev. Her tigers were confiscated. Meyer was being held on $2,000 bail in the Nye County Jail. She was charged with theft and child endangerment.

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