This is freaking messed up. 

Last week I told you about all the restaurants giving free meals to veterans on Veteran's Day. It's an amazing promotion and should be getting a lot of positive feedback. Unfortunately, one Chili's is in the headlines for that Veteran's Day deal.

Ernest Walker went into the Chili's in Cedar Hills, Texas. According to him, one of the restaurant patrons questioned Ernest's military uniform and told a manager. That is when the manager came by to question Ernest about his military service and also the service dog he needs for his everyday life.

Ernest had all the proper paperwork, military ID, papers for his service dog, he even had his discharge papers from the military. He knew some restaurants had different policies on what to bring for the free meal, so he just brought everything. As you can see in the video Ernest posted, the manager won't listen to Ernest and takes his free meal.

Chili's has been hit with a ton of comments on their social media pages about this event. They responded to one of the comments by saying, 'Lili , We have a commitment to valuing and celebrating diversity with the primary goal of making everyone feel special. Unfortunately, we fell short on a day that we strive to honor our Veterans and active military for their service. This has been escalated this to the highest levels of our company.'

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