This was the most successful prostitution sting in the country and one familiar face in one community was busted. 

In case you were not aware, sex trafficking increases in the town the Super Bowl is in. Houston police were gonna do their best to put a stop to that this year and boy did they accomplish a lot. The operation was called the National Johns Suppression Initiative. It ran from January 4th to Super Bowl Sunday.

If you can believe it, 178 people were arrested in that time for sex trafficking crimes. One of them being a local Katy volleyball coach. "I'm exceedingly proud to lead the nation in targeting sex buyers and traffickers during this annual initiative," said Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez in a statement. "Houston was home to Super Bowl LI. As we welcomed the world to our City, we made it clear that there is no place for victimization and sexual exploitation."

Wan Yun faces a charge of prostitution, according to charging documents. Other high profile names were arrested as well, including a well-known sports agent.

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