When you want that cigarette break, but got to stock up for tomorrow. 

Two employees at a Sonic in Clevland, Texas have been busted for smoking on the job. The photos went viral and Sonic has released a statement on the situation.  The spokesperson said, "the employees were aware of the drive-in's no smoking rule, however they mistakenly assumed that the rule did not apply after close of business."

The owner of this Sonic says the two employees have been disciplined, but not fired. A spokesman for the Department of State Health Services said: "The key is that tobacco must only be used in a designated area where it won't contaminate food, equipment or utensils. We can't say for sure whether the photos represent a violation, but we are treating this as a complaint and will look into it further."

As someone who has worked in a restaurant before, hate to break this to you. I have personally seen this before. Closing up shop, turn on those hood fans and light up a smoke. If you have never worked in a restaurant before, it would shock you as to what goes on in those kitchens.

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