Many people are upset with a new restaurant's 'dress' code policy. 

Little Woodrow’s restaurant is in Midland, Texas and a couple is claiming they were denied service the other day. Not because of something they did or said, but because of their appearance. They were not breaking the "no shoes, no shirt, no service" policy. It was the owner's personal policy.

I have personally never eaten at this restaurant, but it seems to be a more high-class place. One of those places where they encourage you to dress up a little bit more. An attorney for the restaurant said,  "We don't like to refuse service to anyone but if somebody comes in and is not dressed appropriately we will ask them to either change it up a little bit or in this case with tattoos cover it up."

The people complaining may seem to be over exaggerating the, "if you have tattoos don't eat here." The restaurant was asked if service was refused for tattoos. They said this, "We do not prohibit anyone from having tattoos and entering the establishment. We prefer that there be no face or neck tattoos."

The man complaining I believe is most upset because the guy working the front door had tattoos on his arms. Basically, the guy is turning him away for tattoos, while working at the restaurant with tattoos. It sure is a strange one.

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