He wanted to give them one last goodbye since schools won't be going back this year.

Over in Wylie, Texas Principal Virdie Montgomery had a busy twelve days. He drove to 636 different houses and travels over 800 miles. He showed up to their houses letting him know he was thinking about them and to give them a Snickers candy bar. Why Snickers?

They're going to look back at this time and 'snicker'. "I delivered that joke nearly 600 times. So it's pretty lame," he admitted. The principal hopes his final gift to the 2020 senior class will be a graduation ceremony that will at least give them some semblance of a normal celebration. Those plans are still in the works.

You can definitely tell this is one of those teachers that loves their job and actually cares for the students. Hopefully that graduation ceremony takes place. Whether it be virtually or by social distancing.

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