Some people decided to do some nice gestures during the holidays and unfortunately it was for nothing. 

I personally do not give homeless people a dime of my money. I will however go buy them a warm meal and make sure they at least have some food today. Some people in the Houston area decided to give some food and clothes to some homeless individuals the other day.

Last Thursday afternoon, some activists gave the homeless plates of food, blankets and some other supplies. While giving out the donations, Houston police showed up on the scene and a little later a waste management truck showed up. According to witness testimony posted on Facebook, the police instructed the homeless to throw away everything they had been given.

A video from an ABC13 social media correspondent shows the police and trash vehicle parked under a freeway while a man narrates the situation. “Covers, Blankets, different things like that, pillows. They are throwing all of that away,” he says.

The police were responding to the law that people were serving food without a permit. Come on guys, I understand the law when someone is selling food on the street and trying to sell it. This is just some people trying to do some good and make sure people don't go without a meal.

The “Anti-Food Sharing” ordinance is a controversial one in Houston that homeless activists tried to stop from happening. The basic law is prohibiting the sharing of food with more than five people at a time without fulfilling certain requirements created by city council.

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