It's tornado season here in Texas and one guy is lucky he had a big tree in his yard.

Looks like Central Texas has been hit hard by tornadoes the past few days. You can check out some crazy footage of them right here. It looks like a trio of brothers are lucky to be alive after a tornado hit their mobile home yesterday in Salado, Texas. Salado is right in between Waco and Austin.

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A storm began belting the brothers mobile home with baseball sized hail. One of the brothers went out to move the car to attempt to protect it from the hail. The tornado actually picked the car up and slammed it into a tree in the yard. The brothers said if it wasn't for that tree, the car would have been pushed by the tornado even further.


Another brother, Luis Prado was actually flown out of the mobile home through a window. He ended up right near the tree as well. He grabbed onto the trunk and held on for dear life. The brothers all went to the hospital after the storm died down. They had cuts on their legs and back from being carried by the storm. Considering the circumstances, they're lucky they just had some cuts.


The brothers told KWTX they plan on searching the property for any valuables that got blown out in the storm. I guess if you're ever in this situation, holding on for dear life does work.

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