You probably thought you had to go all the way to New York to see the World's Largest Christmas Tree. Nope, just North of Oklahoma City you can find the town of Enid and their Christ Tree.

I want to make this clear before anybody tries to dunk on me with a fact. This is the world's largest fresh cut Christmas tree. I am sure some plastic tree is bigger than this one. I always say fake Christmas trees don't count, so this one if the real winner. I first reported to you that this was coming back in October. The town of Enid has been working hard the past few weeks to get this thing ready for Christmas.

Last night was the big day. The lights were finally coming on. 20,000 lights to be exact. Tens of thousands were in attendance last night for the big event. I really don't see fireworks a lot in November, but looked to be a lot of fun last night in Enid with all of that going on.

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Don't worry if you missed the big event last night. The tree will be up until January 6th. It looks like from Wednesday through Saturday every week they have some sort of event going on. You can check out their full schedule here. I have never been to Enid, but it does look like a lovely town from this event they put on.

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