This looks like something an NFL team would be using, but a high school in Texas is lucky enough to have these facilities.

Ever Heard of the Farmersville Farmers?

Above you will see the field the teams plays on Friday nights over in Farmersville, just northeast of Dallas. Pretty standard high school football field if you ask me. Nothing too special about the facility. However the team's practice field is getting some finishing touches put on it and for a high school it is state of the art.

Check Out This Texas High School Football Practice Facility

Back in my day, the practice facility was just the big patch of grass outside the school. If it rained during practice, you rain drills on the basketball court. In Farmersville, Texas the practice goes on. The facility is half indoors and half outdoors. Obviously this means you can't run plays on a full 100 yard football field, because you have a giant pole holding up the building at about the fifty yard line.


Still, pretty cool that a high school team has something like this just for practice. I think many colleges here in Texas would love to have something like this. We will see how the Farmersville Farmers (not a bad team name by the way) do in the upcoming season with the new facility. This does mean no days off kids, so be prepared to get that practice in rain or shine.

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