People in charge of the Plano ISD should be ashamed of themselves.

Last night in Plano, the local ISD announced they were canceling an upcoming football game against El Paso Eastwood. The reason for the cancellation is the recent mass shooting at the El Paso Walmart. It looks like the shooter that day attended this high school back in the day.

The  Plano ISD says they think it's in poor taste to play the game on September 6 since the shooter attended that high school and this game is against El Paso. My question is, at what point will they feel safe? Will these schools ever play again against each other? The ISD is acting like a football rivalry is the reason for this shooting.

Meanwhile, in El Paso, their ISD wants this game to go on. They're willing to play the game in El Paso, play the game at a neutral site, and Plano has declined every offer from them. Below you can read the reason for the cancellation from the Plano ISD.

"After consulting with local law enforcement agencies, Plano ISD administrators felt obligated to prioritize the safety of the participating players, students, families and communities, and have concluded that the timing of the game falls too soon after the tragedy in El Paso," Plano ISD's release said Thursday.

Alright, what safety concerns are you walking about? Local public information officer for the Plano police department says they have literally ZERO threats about this upcoming football game. "There were none, whatsoever, at all," he said. Looks like the ISD is trying to play it on the safe side.

I know after these tragedies, sporting events can bring a lot of people together. It's something that a lot of people in the communities look forward to and I think the Plano ISD is out of their element on this one. You could use this as a fundraiser to help raise money for the victims of that horrific event. That's just my opinion, but let me know what you think.

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