The team won their playoff game and were going to the state semi-finals for the first time in twenty years. It should be a time for celebration, but the trip home turned into mourning. 

The Iraan football team is really good, they haven't lost a regular-season game in over twenty years. They were set to travel to  Colorado City, Texas for their playoff matchup. They won the game and the team headed home back to Iraan. Sadly one of the school's buses didn't make it back home.

A smaller bus carrying six cheerleaders and two cheerleader sponsors collided with an 18 wheeler. One person has unfortunately died from the crash and another two are in serious condition. The fatality was Elizabeth Pope, 52, a cheerleader sponsor who also ran a computer lab in the district's elementary school, according to The Associated Press.

The seven injured people were hospitalized following the crash: As of Saturday afternoon, four had been treated and released. A spokesman for University Medical Center in Lubbock said three remained hospitalized.

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