The Texas Longhorns have a football game on Saturday and some fans will be in attendance. However, they have to get tested before hand.

The Texas Longhorns will be doing the following sports this year. Football, volleyball, soccer, basketball, baseball, softball games and Texas Relays. Students can get tickets to these events, but they have to take a covid test before the first game this Saturday. The test is complimentary, but mandatory.

Student Big Ticket holders will have to fill out a consent form before being tested and present a UT student ID. In order to claim a ticket for Saturday’s game, students will have to test negative. Once a student has tested negative, the student will be able to claim their ticket online Saturday morning, but there is a limit.

The stadium will only be 25% capacity. Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium holds around 100,000. So only around 25,000 will be in attendance for those games. UT will require face masks, eliminate tailgating, and add 225 hand sanitizer kiosks throughout the stadium. They will also require fans to enter the stadium through a specific gate and have markings to maintain social distancing.

This is a concern for Interim Medical Director and Health Authority for Austin Public Health Dr. Mark Escott. “Our gathering limit is 10,” he explained. “Having 25,000 people in one place is a concern. Ultimately, people have to make a decision whether or not they are going to go to the game. I will be watching on my TV.”

No word on whether these covid tests will be happening the day before every sporting event or if it's just a one time thing.

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