Coaches during practice say some things that taken out of context would sound terrible. This, however, has no excuse. 

Texas does not mess around with high school football, as most of us here in Texoma know. Down in Frisco, an assistant coach is accused of some pretty shocking stuff.

Frisco Centennial assistant football coach Todd Campbell, who has since been fired, has several reports of racial discriminations amongst his former players.

He stereotyped the black players by claiming that they must run fast because they were eating fried chicken or drinking Kool-Aid. He would also say “esé,,” a Spanish slang for “homeboy,” around Latino students. He even called the white students 'cracker' according to court documents released this week. I guess no race was safe from his racial slurs.

The last straw for the players, is what he said to a group of black players that were talking during practice. "You need to be quiet. You see that rope over there, you see that tree back there, I’m going to hang you in that tree. I’m going to hang you by your toes,” Campbell said, according to one student who shared it with district officials.

I played high school football in Maryland, granted, I wasn't any good. I still played though. Some terrible things were said at practices. Nothing to this extent. I do remember one of our coaches, my junior year, grabbing a player and throwing him to the ground several times. That guy was promptly let go the following week.