We all had a playhouse as a kid and this is one that will turn some heads.

Being a kid was awesome. Hanging out in your fort, tree house, or playhouse as a kid was an awesome day. Looks like over in Austin, one-year-old Gideon is getting started with a little Whataburger franchise. His parents Danae and Ian Klingspor helped make the unique playhouse for their kid.

Danae is an interior designer and her husband, with some friends helped build the playhouse in just seven weeks. Now little Gideon turned one back in January, but it looks like Whataburger took notice of the Playhouse this week. They shared it on their page this week saying #playhousegoals.

The acknowledgment from their favorite place to eat was really "sweet" and "cool," Danae said. She added Whataburger is one of their main four food groups, so they were excited to them show them love. The playhouse currently sits in their backyard for Gideon to play with, and hopefully, for their future children to enjoy, Danae said.

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I got to admit, a Whataburger shed in my backyard sounds like an awesome mancave idea. If they will will let me buy a milkshake machine to put in it, I may consider doing it. I just need to get my Tim the Toolman gear ready to make it happen.

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