64-year-old John Gardner became the first person executed this year in Texas when he was put to death on Wednesday for the 2016 murder of his 5th wife.

Gardner was convicted of the shooting death of his 5th wife Tammy, after breaking into her home two weeks before their divorce was to be finalized and shooting her in the head. Tammy held on for two days until succumbing to the wounds.

According to Yahoo News, Gardner's final statement included a plea to Tammy's family for forgiveness,

I hope you find peace, joy and closure. Whatever it takes to forgive me. I am sorry. I know you cannot forgive me but I hope one day you will.

Gardner's lawyers attempted to have his case reopened in September, arguing that he was not properly defended in his original trial as his then-lawyers failed to use "abandonment rage" as a motive for his actions. The appeal was denied and Gardner's lawyers did not file a further appeal.

Gardner had a history of violence in his marriages, with Tammy filing for divorce after several instances of abuse. Gardner was also accused of fatally shooting his 2nd wife while she was pregnant, and kidnapping his 3rd wife and beating her daughter.

Yes, this man killed his 2nd wife while she was pregnant and found THREE other women to marry him afterwards.

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