I know some folks that would never opt in to this.

New Program Has a Goal to Save Texas Electric Grid

Ever since 2021, ERCOT has occasionally released statements saying that Texans need to start conserving power. Doing things like raising the temperature in your home, not running the certain appliances during the day, etc. Well imagine if your electric company automatically did this for you? Would you like that?

CPS Energy "Wifi Thermostat Rewards" Program

CPS Energy currently provides power for the San Antonio area and seven surrounding counties. They're actually one of the largest electric providers in the entire state of Texas. They now have an opt in program for customers that will give them $85 dollars when they sign up off of their bill and then an additional $30 per month.


How Does it Work?

You would need to have one of those smart thermostats installed in your home. If ERCOT releases a warning to conserve power. CPS Energy would automatically raise the temperature in your home to 78 degrees. As someone who once was poor as hell, I had my house set at that in the summer to save money. You can live in that temperature, but it's not the most comfortable.


Completely Voluntary

CPS Energy says they will never force a costumer into this program. If they would like some help on their bill and they don't mind the occasional rise in temperature, they can opt in whenever. CPS Energy says in 2023, they have only had to do this 22 days so far.


Winter Temperature?

I can't find anything on the CPS Energy website about winter temperature? The electric grid almost collapsed in Texas because people were running their heaters non stop due to the ice storm that hit all of Texas back in 2021. What would happen if ERCOT asked to conserve power during January? Just curious as to what would happen in that situation.

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