Going to need a big ole glass of milk for this.

You maybe thinking you have heard about this place and I am willing to bet you have not. The one that you're probably thinking of is over in San Antonio called Lulu's Bakery and Cafe. That one has been featured on The Travel Channel and Food Network before. However, Lulu's has been defeated, at least for now.

An even bigger cinnamon roll exists in Texas. Let's travel just outside of Houston to League City, Texas. Bonnie's Donut has a five pound cinnamon roll, that is two more pounds than the famous one at Lulu's. Each batch takes roughly two hours to make, which includes an estimated pound of cinnamon. For just nineteen dollars you can get this giant beast of a cinnamon roll.

Bonnie actually made the original one for a friend's birthday. So many people liked it so she decided to start selling them in her donut shop. They have apparantly become a favorite around the holidays in the League City area. Imagine on Thanksgiving after eating all that turkey and someone throws the five pound cinnamon roll on the table. Bonnie says the most she has ever sold in one day is seventy of those five pound cinnamon rolls.

So it looks like we have a new king of cinnamon rolls here in Texas. Knowing people here, someone will always want to outdo the other one. Who knows. We could have a six pound cinnamon roll somewhere in the near future here.

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