Definitely not your average house pet. 

Ronnie and Sherron Bridges have an interesting house guest. An eleven-year-old buffalo that they have named 'Wild Thing'. Wild Thing isn't so wild, he has a room inside of the Bridges' home. Ronnie told Inside Edition “Outside, he plays really rough but inside the house, he’s really a gentleman.”

Wild Thing loves cartoons and even knows to use the restroom outside. You would think having a 2,500-pound animal in your home stuff would get broken all the time, but Wild Thing knows his surroundings. “It’s like having a small car in the house. He’s real careful about not knocking anything in the house, but he tears up my house on the outside,” Ronnie laughed. “I think he knows the house is my territory, and outside is his territory.”

Ronnie and Sherron love Wild Thing so much that he was the best man at their wedding. “We put the rings on his horn, but he threw em in the air,” Ronnie said. So if someone in your family ever complains about getting a big dog, show them it could be worse.

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