A family in Argyle, TX is looking for a new home for their unique pet. Their 1000 pound, 8-year-old, house-broken buffalo is definitely not your run-of-the-mill house pet. That doesn't mean they don't let Bullet the bison in their house, though.

The Schoeve family says that Bullet is fully domesticated and will come in the house like any other pet. Karen Schoeve told WFAA in Dallas, "She watches the fish tank for a while. She doesn't mess up a thing, and walks around very neatly like she belongs in the house."

The family says they are selling the buffalo because they want her to have a better retirement. They are looking for someone with more space for her and possibly other buffalo so she can become part of the heard.They posted an ad on Craigslist that has gotten a lot of responses. They say a camp for autistic children has expressed interest, but they haven't had an official offer yet. Here's the full description of their Craigslist ad:

Yes, Bullet is tame and housebroken. Yes, I've had her in my house! She followed me down the hallway and hung out in my bedroom too. She is perfectly gentle and content to hang out as long as I'd let her. She does not potty in the house. My plan was to build an outside patio porch room that she could come in and hang out while we watched the sun set and BBQ'd.

Bullet is famous. She was featured in the children's book Heaven is for Animals by Nancy Tillman. Nancy visited Bullet and they too hung out for a while as the book was in production.

I really do wish for Bullet to go with another Buffalo (or a small herd) but do not want her to be turned out into acreage where she has no human contact. She is imprinted. She has been in with my horses and she will boss them around.

Bullet loves to chase and spar with a riding lawn mower, wheel barrow or even my truck when I'm out in the field. She will follow me when I'm in the truck. She is like a precious gigantic dog herself.

I will be interviewing people interested in having this tame buffalo. She is still a buffalo, after all, and should never be left alone in your house or with children. She must be revered and respected as a buffalo.

She pastures with minis, my Percheron Sampson and Bambam my stallion. All are also for sale.

She knocked off one of her horns when she was in a round pen and it is growing back nicely!

A buffalo (35-40 mph) can outrun a horse (25-30 mph) and can flat jump a vertical 6 feet.

She is approximately 7 - 8 years old and weighs ~1,000 pounds.
Cash only. No trades.
If this ad is still showing, the buffalo is still for sale.

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