The 'Come and Take It' flag is a big part of Texas history and it looks like one school wants nothing to do with it.

Texas football traditions are currently being investigated due to their history and original intentions. For instance, some folks want the University of Texas at Austin to stop singing "The Eyes of Texas' song at games. The lyrics of the song have been interpreted as embracing the "Lost Cause" ideology, which advocates the belief that the practice of slavery in the antebellum South was just and moral. That is the quote from Wikipedia on the controversy in the song.

Looks like the University of Texas at San Antonio is going to stop using the 'Come and Take It' slogan at their sporting events. Now UTSA is not as historic as most Texas college football programs. In fact, it's only ten years old. The school has brought out the 'Come and Take It' flag during the fourth quarter of games the past six seasons.

The flag is slightly modified, it's still white and says 'Come and Take It'. Instead of a star and a cannon, it has a football and UTSA roadrunner. A former teacher at UTSA has been the one trying to get this removed from athletic events. The flag was used at the Battle of Gonzales and in the petition the teacher claims this flag embodies both anti-Mexican and pro-slavery sentiments.

You can check out the petition here if you want. The petition has over 950 signatures and it looks like it has gotten the attention of the school. Effective immidiatly, the school will no longer use the slogan. Signs will be removed from athletic buildings and no flags will be flown during the games.

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Some are happy and of course some are not. "Basically it means for our opponents to try it and come and beat us in our, in our you know environment,” UTSA Running Back Brendan Brady said. “I don't really see anything negative with it that's why I kind of have a hard time seeing it from another person's perspective, not saying I don't disagree with them, I just don't really understand it."

UTSA has their first home game of the season this Saturday. I am sure some folks will be bringing in some flags to let their opinions be known on the change.

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