Who knew we had such ritzy cities here in the Lone Star State?

Well, we Texans know there are actually some pretty glamorous places here. But I would imagine many people outside of here don’t associate Texas with glamour whatsoever.

But keep in mind that there is a lot of money in this state.

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For instance, the University of Texas system has the second-largest endowment in the nation with a total value of $42.67 billion, behind Harvard, which has a total value of $49.44 billion, according to Higher Ed Drive. And that’s just one example of the amount of wealth in this state.

Of course, wealth and glamour go hand-in-hand. So, it makes sense that a recent study by LawnStarter found that our two biggest cities were among the most glamorous in the country.

Researchers compared the 200 biggest cities in the U.S. using factors such as the share of million-dollar homes, the number of exclusive yacht clubs, and access to Michelin-star restaurants. Get the full rundown of the methodology used at this location.

When all was said and done, Houston was determined to be the 7th most glamorous city in the country. The Bayou City scored especially well in the number of exclusive clubs as well as fashion and entertainment.

Dallas was ranked 9th in the study. Factors such as status and wealth, exclusive club ranking, fashion, and entertainment propelled Big D toward the top of the list.

Not too shabby for a couple of little ol’ towns here in the wild, wild west.

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