I want to stress the most unique LEGAL way. I am sure some more unique ones exist, but this one is 100% legal.

What the Heck is This Thing in Los Ebanos, Texas?

Texas currently has 22 legal border crossings into Mexico. Some do not allow tractor trailers to pass through them, some you can only walk through. Check out Big Bend National Park entrance into Texas. Without a doubt the most unique way into Texas is through this ferry.

You Literally Pull Yourself Into Texas Across This Ferry

In Los Ebanos, Texas the quickest way to get to Mexico is to hop aboard this ferry. It will cost you two dollars if you're walking and five dollars if you have a vehicle. The ferry is literally pulled by people seven days a week.

Check Out the Abandoned Ferry Junction

At one point in time while waiting for the ferry to come back, you could have gotten some touristy crap at the Los Ebanos Ferry Junction. Sadly it now sits abandoned. If you're interested in this unique way into Mexico, the ferry only runs from 8AM to 3:30PM, the final ferry back to America leaves at 3:45PM.

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Just under 40,000 people a year on average use this border crossing. It's the only ferry into Mexico (once again legally), but still crazy that is literally pulled by a group of guys every day. By the way, do you tip those people? I would throw them a couple of bucks, they're literally pulling my fat ass down the river.

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