This is brilliant.

A TikTok user shared the video of a “hidden” bar in Fort Worth called The Bodega. I say “hidden” because you wouldn’t know it was there unless you were looking for it.

But if you look The Bodega up online, they’re very upfront about who they are – a grocery store and speakeasy all wrapped up in one. Their website calls itself “Fort Worth’s Best Worst Kept Secret.” You’ll find The Bodega in Fort Worth’s 7th Street Cultural District at 2921 Morton Street, between Norwood and Curry.

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It looks like a nice little corner grocery store upfront, but through what appears to be a walk-in entrance you’ll find the speakeasy. It’s a really cool little spot with a massive big screen, full-service bar, and even one of those cages for exotic dancers or random drunk chicks to show their moves off in.

The video says you have to buy something to gain entry, but they regularly drop clues on their Facebook page that will give you a pin number so that you can get in for free.

How cool is that?

As someone who regularly visits family in Fort Worth, I’m surprised I’ve never heard of The Bodega. Judging by the video and pics on their website, it totally looks like my kind of place. So, I guess I know what my next destination will be the next time I’m down in Cowtown.

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