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Hulk Hogan Has A Sex Tape, Brother!!
Oh, for the love of all things holy, I hope Hogan is able to stop the distribution of this.  There are certain things we as a society should be spared from. The 58-year-old wrestling legend, real name Terry Bollea, has had a rough few years...
Hulk Hogan: I Almost Played Bass for Metallica
Hulk Hogan really rocked it in the ring back in the day, but did you know that the former wrestling champ almost rocked out with Metallica? The Hulkster, who before his professional wrestling career played bass in a Floridian rock band called Ruckus, claims that drummer Lars Ulrich once offered him the opportunity to join Metallica.
Hulk Hogan Turns 58 Today [VIDEO]
Man we've lost a lot of the wrestlers that came to fame in the 80's but luckily we've still got the Hulkster. The most iconic figure in wrestling history is inching closer to 60 today.