Hulkamania is no longer running wild, brother.

Hulk Hogan returned to the WWE in February of last year and I was excited. Hulk Hogan was such a huge part of my childhood. Now Macho Man was my favorite wrestler of all time, but growing up in the 90s with WCW. That means I had 'Hollywood' Hulk Hogan and the nWo. One of my favorite times in wrestling in my opionion.

With Hulk Hogan back, all those memories came flooding back into my mind. Then I got super excited when Wrestlemania was announced at AT&T stadium in Dallas. I was going to try to go to see Hulkamania take over one of the best venues in sports. Looks like that won't be happening.

Last night Hulk Hogan was completely removed from the WWE website. If you click on the Hall of Fame, it goes from Howard Finkel to Iron Sheik. The alumni section of the WWE store also has all of the Hulk Hogan merchandise removed. So why the sudden firing of Hulk Hogan?

The rumor right now is that it is actually something that happened in 2012. Apparently Hogan did an interview wear he dropped several racial slurs throughout it. Hogan brought up the interview that Booker T did on WCW back in the day. You can see Booker T drop the N-word below.

Here is my problem with this, why is he getting fired now? The interview took place in 2012. The WWE re-hired him in 2014, once again, why fire him now? Their has to be more to this story and I am sure we will get more details when they come out. I leave you with my favorite Hulk Hogan and Macho Man memory, the formation of the Mega Powers, enjoy.