WWE regularly goes through Texas for house shows, televised shows, and even major events. But what was pro wrestling like back when Texas was a territory?

If you've never heard of Gary Hart, he's definitely someone who should have been on your radar. A former wrestler, Hart retired from the ring and became one of the greatest managers and bookers in the history of the business, being a mainstay in the Texas territories. His autobiography, My Life In Wrestling...With A Little Help From My Friends, is considered a must-read for wrestling fans, if you can find a copy of it. Hart was also posthumously inducted into the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2014.

Before his death in 2008, Hart did an interview for Kayfabe Commentaries in their early days of the on-demand show (Kayfabe Commentaries is something else you should check out if you haven't), speaking about what it took to run Texas in the final days of territories in the 70s and 80s. While many believe each company ran and staffed their own territory and promotion, Hart clarified that a central office in Dallas supplied the various territories with talent and got a cut of the profits.

Its a fascinating look at how Texas wrestling was ran before the days of national promotions.

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