Man we've lost a lot of the wrestlers that came to fame in the 80's but luckily we've still got the Hulkster. The most iconic figure in wrestling history is inching closer to 60 today.

Now I haven't kept up with wrestling in many years but I always try to make it out when they come to's always a damn good time. And who knows...maybe WWE (I still want to say WWF) will swing back through The Falls sometime in the near future.

As a fan, I don't remember a moment as sickening as the one in the video below...Hulk Hogan turns bad (or "heel" as they say in the wrestling industry). I was watching that pay-per-view live and just had a gut feeling that Hogan was going to join the NWO when I noticed he was wearing red instead of yellow. The move proved to be genius as the NWO is one of the most successful "angles" (or story lines) in wrestling history.

Happy Birthday Hulk!