We all know something isn't working with the education system here in America. It may be the students or the teachers or maybe even the system as a whole. And finally someone was brave enough to stand up and tell a teacher what she needed to hear.

Jeff Bliss, a high school dropout who recently returned to school to get his diploma, had had enough. Now, obviously this kid wants to learn if he dropped out and came back so getting anything less than the education he deserves is unacceptable. Bliss was asked to leave his world history class at Duncanville High School in Texas, because he was supposedly asking to many questions. That's when he snapped, and let's agree, he could have handled the situation a little better, but this teacher deserves the verbal beat down. Bliss began ranting and telling his teacher, a Mrs. Phung, how to do her job. He stated the fact that not all kids can learn by just being given a packet of work and working through it. The job of our teachers should be to engage their students minds, encouraging them to push their own limits and do better than they ever thought we could.

I've had teachers that didn't really care about what they taught and then I've had teachers that are simply amazing because they gave all their time and energy to making sure that their students not only pass, but fully comprehend what they just learned. And I have to say having a teacher that really cares about your future and not just their next pay check is a huge difference. Sorry, I got off on a little rant myself, but I fully support this kid and while there were better ways to deal with the situation, at least he voiced his concern over his future and the future of our nation.

Duncanville Independent School District released a statement saying, "As a district with a motto of engaging hearts and minds we focus on building positive relationships with students and designing engaging work that is meaningful. We want our students and teachers to be engaged, but the method by which the student expressed his concern could have been handled in a more appropriate way."

Check out the video below, filmed by one of the students in the class, and let us hear your opinions in the comment section below.