For months now, I have been bitching about Wichita Falls getting screwed out of the Szechuan sauce back in October. I said back in October that if Szechuan sauce ever comes back to Wichita Falls, I will attempt to eat 100 McNuggets. I am a man of my word. I mean, I got a freaking pony tattoo. Did you really not think I would try to do this?

Sadly, McDonald's would not allow me to film on their premises so I came back to the Buzz studio and took over the conference room. We went live on Facebook and I messed up super hard. My phone updated this past week and it turned my auto-rotate off for some reason. So I thought once we hit record, it would rotate sideways. It did not and everyone was forced to see me at this weird angle.

We fixed it and also sped the footage up a bit at points while I was woofing down McNuggets. Unfortunately, I did not do 100, only got 80 down. With the pressure of being live on Facebook, I did not want to have you guys sitting there while I try to force those last twenty down. If I am being honest, I think I could have done another fifteen. The full final twenty? Probably not.

Finally, I just want to say that sauce is awesome. I would definitely get it again. I don't want McNuggets for awhile and you can probably understand why. Hopefully, this becomes a permanent sauce at McDonald's. They act like this made from rare elements like it's made of Captain America's shield. Just keep it on the menu if it keeps selling, please!

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