A video of strange lights flying over the Arch in St. Louis has left many people wondering what it could be.

Early Tuesday morning, Chase Rhoads took the video featured in the news report above. He works at a nearby casino and says that every day he takes a smoke break between 2:30 and 3:00 in the morning. He had never seen anything like this before and made sure to capture it on his phone.

The video appears to show a flashing light flying around above the arch. He says it's not the normal light on the top that warns pilots because that light is red and doesn't flash. This was not like anything he had ever seen before.

Fox 2 in St. Louis checked with the National Park Service and the nearby Scott Air Force Base and both said there were no reports of anything out of the ordinary or concerned phone calls that night.

For now, the video is the only evidence that anything happened in the skies on Tuesday morning. Could it be aliens? Could it be a secret government craft? Could it be some reflections of other lights on the clouds? For now, nobody knows the right answer, but as they say on the TV, 'the truth is out there.'

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