I need the X-Files or the Men in Black on this case NOW!

Every once in awhile I stumble upon a story that I don't know what in the hell happened and today we're going over to Madison County, Texas. The local Sheriff's Office is reporting some cattle deaths for one of the local ranchers.


Something is killing cattle around this area, but it just doesn't seem natural how it is done. It is all precision cuts being done to remove organs. Tongues, genitalia, and the anus of the animal have been removed. Here is what is freaking me out about this situation, no blood is around the animal. Alright, this is a trippy story. Let me see what I can find on this.

Unexplained Files Episode from a Decade Ago

The Discovery Channel had an episode on this exact thing happening in different parts of the world almost ten years ago. What in the hell is going on with these cattle?!


From what I see in all these stories the farmers or ranchers have the same theory. This is not a predator coming onto their land. They have had the occasional coyote get onto the property and attack one of their animals. It's typically a bloodbath once they find the remains, this right here is clean and precise.

Old Documentary on Cattle Mutilations

I maybe looking into this thing to deeply at this point, but we can all admit it's pretty weird to have such precise cuts on an animal, then leave no blood behind right? Time to flashy thing this stuff out of my brain so I can continue on with my day.


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