If you have driven on I-44 between Wichita Falls and Burkburnett today, you might have noticed a rather grisly scene on the side of the road. Just before midnight Wednesday, eight cows were hit and killed by at least three vehicles, witnesses say.

Wichita Falls resident Crystal White-Bright says she and her family were the first of three vehicles to hit the cows. She says she was driving home from Burkburnett in their Ford Edge with her husband and 7-month old child when they slammed into the herd of dark colored cows going about 60-70 MPH.

Crystal said the cows were crossing from the northbound side to the southbound side of the highway and she never even saw them coming. "It was too late, I never even got a chance to hit the breaks," she said.

Shortly after the first cow was hit, Cyrstal says a FedEx 18-wheeler came along and hit six of the others, followed by a pickup truck that hit one cow. The aftermath of the accidents left the eight cows scattered across the interstate near East Rd south of Burkburnett.

According to Burkburnett police Lieutenant Vaughn, officers and volunteer fire fighters worked until 2:00 a.m. cleaning up the mess. The dead cows have since been moved to the grassy median of the interstate.

Fortunately, no serious injuries were reported. Crystal said her husband and baby are fine, and she has some back pains.

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