In a shocking turn of events, the city that called the original theme park home for many years will no longer hold their corporate offices in North Texas.

Arlington, Texas Home to the Original Six Flags

Arlington has been home to the original Six Flags theme park for decades. The company started right here in Texas and the name of the park even comes from the six different nations that governed Texas at different periods of time. Sadly, the company will be moving their headquarters out of Texas completely after their merger deal goes through.

Cedar Fair and Six Flags Merger Officially Planned for July 1st, 2024

Back in November, we reported this potential deal going through between Cedar Fair and the Six Flags corporation. Cedar Fair owns another huge Texas brand in Schlitterbahn. The water parks are without a doubt the most popular in Texas with locations in New Braunfels and Galveston. Rumors started circulating with this merger that since the two companies are merging, Hurricane Harbor in Arlington could change to Schlitterbahn since the one company would now have the rights.

Six Flags Corporate Headquarters Moving to Charlotte, North Carolina

Looks like the Six Flags corporate office will officially be heading out of the Lone Star state and moving to North Carolina. Which Cedar Fair currently runs some of their corporate offices from now. Cedar Fair's President and CEO Richard Zimmerman will keep his role, while Six Flags' CEO and President Selim Bassoul will be the executive chairman of the company's board of directors.

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We will see what changes come from this new merger for our favorite North Texas theme park. Hopefully those on the corporate side don't miss Texas too much on their move to North Carolina.

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