Dumpster Rick just wants to collect our trash and sadly he is in dumpster jail.

Time for another Dumpster Rick post. Back in November, we learned about Dumpster Rick in downtown Wichita Falls. Someone painted Rick Sanchez from 'Rick and Morty' on a dumpster. We thought everybody loved it. Someone with some power in the Wichita Falls sanitation department got it removed. We found out about this because several of my listeners complained. They told us we gave them the wrong address for where he was at.

Dumpster rick locked up at the Wichita Falls Sanitation Department (Photo Submitted Anonymously)

This truly pissed me off. How is this hurtful to ANYONE? Hell, we have way more offensive graffiti in our town on dumpsters. Guess the KKK is acceptable in Wichita Falls, but Rick Sanchez is a no go. Then on Christmas Day, a true Christmas miracle happened. Dumpster Rick was found. Back then he was at the sanitation station near Lucy Park.

I haven't heard of anything about Dumpster Rick since then to be honest. Yesterday, we talked about Szechuan sauce making a comeback at McDonald's. Which is only coming back because of 'Rick and Morty'. One of my awesome listeners shared a petition to free Dumpster Rick on that post.

So I am gonna share that petition for you now. Click that link and fill it out. It will take you less than a minute. The goal is to get 1,000 people to sign the petition. We can do this Wichita Falls! I will also send this to our mayor to see. Just put Dumpster Rick back somewhere in Wichita Falls to collect trash. Put it at a McDonald's to collect all the empty Szechuan sauce packets. I don't care, just get him out of the sanitation station.

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