Wow Wichita Falls, we can't have any fun in this town, can we?

Last week, I told you guys about the 'Rick and Morty murals that popped up in downtown Wichita Falls. I love that show and was glad to see someone has the same passion for it that I do. I just don't have their artistic ability. You guys loved it as well, and several of you went to go check it out. Well, two days after we posted the story, Dumpster Rick was gone. Mr. Meeseeks remains on the door, however.

What the hell happened to Dumpster Rick?

I am assuming someone in the city of Wichita Falls sanitation department had it removed. Why? What harm is this causing to the city? Someone did some pretty awesome art on a dumpster. Something that literally harbors garbage. Nope, it needs to be brown, basic and depressing here in Wichita Falls at all times.

So I decided to do some "investigative journalism" and see what the city thinks of actual graffiti on dumpsters in Wichita Falls. I decided to drive through my old neighborhood of Miami Avenue here in Wichita Falls. It didn't take me long to find some questionable graffiti on a dumpster. One block away from my old house was this lovely KKK piece I found.

Townsquare Media
Graffiti on Wichita Falls Dumpster / Townsquare Media

I consider that WAY more offensive than 'Dumpster Rick' and I am sure that is not the only dumpster like that in Wichita Falls. What I learned from this, Wichita Falls' number one priority is dumpster graffiti. They will handle it in less than 48 hours. So, if you spot some in town, let the city know. Potholes won't get fixed in this town, but God forbid Rick Sanchez is on the side of a dumpster.

I hope "Dumpster Rick' is alive somewhere, but I am sure he has been powerwashed or painted over at this point. I totally understand that it is city property and they can do whatever they want with it. I Just don't see what harm this is causing when I know dumpsters in town have terrible offensive things written on them, way worse than "I'm Dumpster Rick."

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