Big changes could be coming to the Lawton budget. Be prepared for once a week pickup starting in the fall if proposals go through.

Yesterday, the city council of Lawton held a meeting over a video conference, which you can see below. The meeting focused on the fiscal budget for 2020-2021. This budget goes into effect on July 1st and some changes could be going into effect for this coming year for the Lawton area. For instance, having once a week trash pickup.

This is one proposal that would save the city around $400,000 annually. Another big issue right now is delinquent payments on utilities to some people being out of work. City Manager Michael Cleghorn said there are 4,200 delinquent water accounts, equating to $313,244 that is “past due”. Lawton will not be able to collect around $10,000 in late fees due to the emergency proclamation by the Mayor.

Some other proposals being tossed around are to increase city utility bills (water, sewer, refuse) by 1.7 percent, based on the annual rise in the Consumer Price Index. You can read about some of these proposals in The Lawton Constitution. For those wondering about the trash collection possibly changing, the earliest that would go into effect would be October 1st of this year.

The city council is expected to have another meeting this Thursday at 9:30 in the morning. You can watch it online on the city of Lawton's Facebook page.

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