The annual City Lights parade was a little different this year and one group blew it out of the water.

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City Lights was a little different this year. The city decided to do a reverse parade? What is that? Well the floats were stationary and you could walk around downtown to check them out at your leisure on Saturday. Call me crazy, better idea in my opinion. You don't have to fight for a good spot for a view of the parade, but of course the Wichita Falls C.A.V.E. people had to complain. (Joke stolen from Mike Hendren)

Citizens Against Virtually Everything. You know what, if you decided not to go this weekend, you missed out on the greatest parade float in City Lights history. Massive shout out to 9th Street Studios and their amazing Die Hard float. Yes, Die Hard is a Christmas movie 9th Street Studios.


Here is why this is the best parade float in City Lights history. Normally, the float drives by and that's the end of you seeing it. Thanks to the reverse parade, you were able to actually go inside this thing and take a photo of yourself climbing into Nakatomi Plaza. Welcome to the party pal!


Hopefully, you were able to snap a photo on Saturday inside this thing. Hopefully we can now all agree that Die Hard is a Christmas movie and the debate can end. A harder debate that I am always willing to have is that Batman Returns is also a Christmas movie, but I will save that one for another day.

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