This is some really scary stuff.

Over in Spring, Texas, a surveillance camera caught a man being struck by a bolt of lightning. Alex Coreas was walking his three dogs out of the Meyer Park Dog Park. You can see what appears to be flames coming out of his shoes and his dogs quickly running away. Thank goodness some people were nearby who saw this and called for medical assistance.

His shoes and socks were blown off of his feet. A local veterinary hospital was nearby and one of the technicians performed CPR to get him breathing again. Alex was airlifted to Memorial Hermann hospital where he is still recovering. Family members said Alex sustained "very serious injuries" from the lightning strike, including fractured ribs, fractured temporal bone swollen eye, bruising and "many muscle ruptures due to the lightning striking him."

A fractured hole is in the ground from where the lightning struck Alex as well. His family has set up a GoFundMe page to help with his medical bills. Alex is very lucky to be alive and it's something that will make you think twice about being outside during a storm.


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