It’s 420, which means snack food companies across the world are experiencing a nice spike in sales today.

Not that stoners need an excuse to smoke more, but you kind of have to on April 20. And, of course, with more marijuana consumption comes an increased desire to munch out.

And let’s be honest here – 99.9999% of stoners aren’t reaching for anything healthy when they have the munchies. Hell no. Nothing sounds better than junk food when you’re baked out of your mind.

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Stoners have long been linked to snack food staples such as Doritos, Oreos, and Cheetos, but which is the most popular? Thanks to the other kind of “smoking” site, Smoked Meat Sunday, we now know the answer.

To reach their conclusions, researchers looked at geotagged Twitter data over the course of the last month, using tweets, hashtags, and keyword phrases related to marijuana use and snack foods.

They found that in Texas, Taco Bell is the most popular 420 food. No surprise there. It’s cheap, quick, and there’s a Taco Bell on damn near every corner in Texas, making it an easy go-to when you have the mad munchies.

In fact, Taco Bell was found to be the most popular 420 food in the United States as a whole.

Most Popular 420 Foods in the United States

Taco Bell - 17 states

Chipotle - 10 states

Pizza Hut - 7 states

Doritos - 5 states

Popeye's - 5 states

Cheetos - 4 states

McDonald's - 1 state

Oreos - 1 state

Smoked Meat Sunday
Smoked Meat Sunday

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